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Friday Check In

Friday, February 17, 2012

Obsessing Over: My smoothie. It's quite amazing, actually. It's a Lean Body For Her chocolate protein, fresh strawberry base with a scoop of peanut butter. Hello, 30g of protein! And it literally tastes like a liquid peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Before you shudder, just be open minded... it's actually quite amazing.

Working On: I always scoff at this question, because obviously... I am working on this Check In. Other than that, I am working on getting this blog up and running.

Thinking About: My puppy. I think he misses my husband, who has been out of town for a few days, in Dallas for Ed Young's C3 Conference. I'm missing him too, but my poor dog is putting himself into a state of depression. Poor little guy!

Anticipating: My husband coming home! I love him so much.

Listening To: Spotify; a band called Sons & Daughters

Drinking: the rest of my delicious PB&J smoothie :) It's lukewarm and almost gone, but I am savoring it! I could be on a liquid diet if the liquid consisted of this.

Wishing: It was 5pm! I have a three day weekend, and I could not be more excited. There's nothing better than having dinner on Monday, catching up on some DVR, and realizing that we don't have to be up in the morning for work. Life's simple pleasures.

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