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Hot Yoga: is that what it feels like to do Yoga in hell?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jessica: I'm doing Hot Yoga tonight!
Me: Oh, you are? By yourself?
Jessica: But it starts at 4:30.
Me: Oh, that sucks. I was having an inner debate on going, on whether I wanted to join you. I'm scared to try Hot Yoga! But I'm off at 4:30. :( Sad!
Me: And by "oh, that sucks" I meant that I sighed in relief.
Jessica: Yeah, I could tell you were super upset about missing it.

An hour later:
Jessica: Hey guess what?????
Jessica: Hehe. I just called the gym and there's another 90 minute Hatha class that starts at 6:30!!!!!
Me: *signs off*

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