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Irony & The Ugly Truth

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today has been a great day.

No work. Woke up on my own at 8am (this is sleeping in), went to the gym with my work-out buddy (high-five for yet another perk of being married; live-in workout buddies!) and then proceeded to do nothing all day except for make lunch, get an evening coffee, hit up Target for nothing in particular, and spring-clean my closet.

And just like that, my much-anticipated Monday off, is over.

Why do these precious days fly by? And if I was at work today, the 8 hours would have been the longest, most painful chunk of time ever. I know this is nothing new. I know I'm not the first to observe this. But this is one of the many ironies that I just can't wrap my mind around.

Now, we're wrapping up the night with a delicious dinner - whole wheat pasta with tomato chunks, feta cheese and avocado - and watching The Ugly Truth. I seriously will watch anything that Katherine Heigl has a role in. It's pretty bad. I have no shame.

This movie, I loved. It's a tad inappropriate, but oddly charming. Maybe it's the combination of Gerard Butler and Katheine, or the witty dialogue, or the fact that any movie where the main actress plays the producer of a news channel/morning show is an automatic hit with me.

Ok, wrapping this up now - it's the dinner scene with the inappropriate undergarments (if you have seen this movie, you know exactly what I mean. I think I snort-laughed in the theatre the first time I saw it). Have I mentioned that I adore Katherine Heigl?

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  1. Your day sounded fabulous and I am green w/envy! I like anything w/ Katherine also - she's too cute! Where do you work? I dont think I've ever figured this out!


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