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Stars aren't born. They're made.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Has anyone been watching Smash? First of all, I just have to say... I LOVE IT. Like, adore. I think Katherine McPhee is an incredible talent, and she's wonderful as the main character, Karen. Charming and sweet, not a sucky-American Idol reject turned last-ditch-effort "Hollywood" actress. She's actually good. And girl can sang.

There's only been two epsisodes so far, and I'm hooked... sincerely hoping that NBC doesn't give this the ax after a season, or even a couple episodes. I feel like stations are quick to do that to new shows. I've been living in the dark, apparently, because I never really noticed the danger a new series is in - they have a definite proving ground (RIP, Playboy Club).

I'm not sure how they could let this show go, though. Besides McPhee, the cast is pretty awesome. Anjelica Houston. Debra Messing? Yes, please. And directed by Steven Spielburg? I'm sensing - praying - for a long run for this one.

The Broadway show they're casting in this debut season is called Marilyn, and it's based on the life and times of... yep, obviously... Marilyn Monroe. I'm a little mad that this isn't a real production, because from the numbers they've shown so far, I would totally see it. As long as Katherine McPhee played Marilyn, and not that icky Ivy. It looks amazing... granted, I've only been to one "Broadway-esque" show, and that was Cinderella... but Marilyn would defintiely be on the docket.

Watch Smash! Monday nights. And let me know what you think.

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