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Last Thing Thursday

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to THE LAST THING THURSDAYS, brogught to us by The Life of the Wife! :)

READ: Outsmarting Google. If you want to know the secrets of SEO, this is a must read. I was scared it would be an intimidating read, but it's not! Evan Bailyn is a legend, and I'm excited to learn from him!

PINNED: I haven't been in Pinterest in forever. Don't hate me. I partially blame Jessica. She sent me an article last week about how Pinterest is under scrutiny, and how there's all this talk of possibile lawsuits from people pinning stuff that they don't have rights to. So, while I was scoffing and telling Jessica that her research was a load of crap, I was busy disabling my boards deleting any identifying information in my account.

BLOG POST I READ: I'll admit, I've abandoned blogging lately. Not on purpose, but this last week and a half has been so crazy... so many things going on in my world, changes being made (all good!), and overall, just not enough hours in the day. BUT, I did find this blog today, and I think I love it. And her. I love food blogs; I'm such a fat kid! So, I will be visiting Lindsay quite frequently! :)

TV SHOW I WATCHED: American Idol, yo. Does anyone even watch AI anymore?

CANDY I ATE: My guilty pleasure.

DID FOR SOMEONE ELSE: I stopped by Jessica's house last night, on my way home from work. She got some teeth pulled, and was all drugged up and bleeding from the mouth. Super glam. But, she needed someone to be her voice on the phone with her dentist, so... Corianne to the rescue!

BAKED: Sigh. I haven't cooked in a while. But last time I did, I made Bethenny Frankel's Stuffed Peppers... and they were ah-mazing.

BOUGHT & LOVED: This. Has. Changed. My. Life.

Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Ok, and if I'm being honest... the TECHNICAL last thing I bought was this:

And I thoroughly enjoyed (LOVED!) my avocado for lunch. So, while I still need to make sure everyone knows how much I love my dry shampoo... the fat kid inside always wins.


  1. What is this craziness about Pinterest??!? I need to look into it.

    Yesss!!! I'm watching Idol this season (and every season)


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