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Is there such a thing as Bloggers Anonymous?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You guys, I have issues.

I have 3,203 blogs.

I'm almost being literal. I have no idea which blog to use for what, if I prefer Wordpress to Blogger, if Tumblr is "too young" to be taken seriously. I don't know which one to run with, so I have like three of each.

I think I love the interaction that I used to have on this one, and I should probably invest some time into making it happen.

Anyone have any feedback, preferences? If you're reading this, would love to get your thoughts!


  1. Blogger is my favorite! And I interact with other bloggers through instagram the very best. So blogging when I have time to sit at the computer (which is like... never) and instagram when I'm on my phone (which is like... every time I feed Mia)

    1. Oh my gosh, feeding time = Instagram. Haha! I am loving Blogger!


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