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Currently Loving: Scandal

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This show. I'm in love.

I kind of want to be Olivia Pope. Or at least one of her Gladiators in a suit. I'd heard a lot of people talk about how much they loved this show, so one fateful Tuesday night, Hubby and I decided to watch Season 1 on Netflix...

... and I bought a trial subscription on Hulu so we could continue into Season 2. It's good, folks. Like... really good.

Although, I'm really confused and amazed as to how I feel ok rooting for the mistress... that's not like me. But, once you get to know President Grant and Mellie... you kind of have to root for the mistress, don't you? I mean... sheesh.

Plus, Olivia Pope's wardrobe alone could have it's own spinoff. So many glamorous pantsuits and vintage blazers, I can hardly stand it.

Dang you, Shonda Rhimes and your brilliantly written masterpieces! (RIP, Private Practice and Seasons 1 through whatever-season-Izzy-left of Grey's Anatomy)


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