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She May Be The Youngest Person I've Ever Hated

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kaia Crawford. She's eleven, you guys... are you kidding me?

She's a freak of nature. A beautiful, supermodel-coursing-through-her-veins, dresses-better-than-me, cheekbones-higher-than-Snoop freak of nature.

That's all.

Image Souce: E! Online


  1. hahaha so, so true.

    You've just reminded me of my forgotten love Suri's Burnbook. Check it out if you haven't.

    Also, I'm done stalking for a bit. See you tomorrow. ;)

    1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Suri's Burn Book is my FAVORITE blog, ever. I follow it better than I follow most tabloids. And I constantly try to share it with my friends. Have you read The Honest Toddler on Twitter? SO. FUNNY. They have a website too, I think: Hysterical!


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