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Every Day In May: Day 10

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gosh, this is hard. I'm supposed to blog about my most embarrassing moment(s). I really can't think of anything... possibly because I've blocked them all from memory? Maybe?

I mean, there's the awkward slipping-and-falling-on-a-storm-drain-in-Portland, but that wasn't as much embarrassing as it was super painful. And I was with good friends, and not much embarrasses me in front of them.

Sooo... no, that's not it.

There's those awkward moments in church when you wave back to someone you think is waving to you... but they're not. They're actually waving to the person behind you. And they see you wave at them, and realize that you thought that they were waving to them, and then there's that awkward apologetic smile/half-hearted re-wave. But, ehh, not really embarrassing... just painfully awkward. And this happens to me often, so I can't pinpoint one certain time that was more memorable than another.

Maybe, um... something do with childbirth? Yeah. Plenty of embarrassing moments there, but in light of the bigger picture, those moments escape me.

I'll have to come back to this one... I live a pretty unembarassing life. Or, I just have no shame.

It's probably that.

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