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10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In no particular order:
  1. When my son smiles at me. BEAMS, is actually more like it. It's crazy. I love that smile more than more things in this world. It's better than caffeine in the morning.
  2. Speaking of caffeine: coffee from a mug makes me happy. I love a piping hot Starbucks like everyone else, but there's something about fresh coffee in a fun mug that makes the morning just that much better.
  3. When my husband sings country music in his fake southern accent. I pretend to get annoyed, but I really, truly love it.
  4. Snowfall. There's nothing more peaceful to me than a cold, dark winter night -- snow falling, lights twinkling, a glass of red wine or hot cocoa in my hand. It's seriously my happy place. I absolutely love the winter.
  5. Rereading a verse in the Bible for the millionth time -- but hearing it in a whole new way, for the first time. It's amazing when that happens.
  6. Baths. If I need a minute to myself, I will seriously run to draw a hot bubble bath and peruse Instagram or Twitter on my phone. Even if the bath only lasts for ten minutes, I feel brand new.
  7. Going out to eat. I love dining out. I'm a foodie at heart. My husband and I have so much fun trying new restaurants or doing a random Yelp search for a rave review, and then finding out for ourselves. We've found some of our favorite spots and had the best date nights by perusing Yelp while driving aimlessly around Seattle.
  8. Taking a lot of pictures. I always get annoyed with myself for snapping hundreds of photos, until I look back weeks, months or years later. Then, I'm so grateful.
  9. Diving into a new TV show on Netflix or Hulu. And by diving in, I mean watching back-to-back-to-back episodes until we're caught up. Usually, full seasons in one sitting. Our newest obsession? Scandal. Uh-mazing.
  10. Having nothing on the to do list. It's rare, and when it happens, I never forget to savor that moment.


  1. Just found you through the linkup and so glad I did!! Another mama with a little guy? Yes please. And with a name like Porter I'm going to have to do some snooping to see some pics!

    Also, snowfall? Right there with ya. And we just netflixed all of Downton Abbey in about a week. It's like a drug.

  2. I can totally relate to #9. When I was pregnant with my last I got hooked on Gossip Girl. I had never seen it and became obsessed!

  3. I agree with you about snowfall! Great blog, by the way, loving the design! So happy I came across your site - I'm a fan!

    - Kathleen


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