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Every Day In May: Day 15

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the life of Corianne and Porter:

7:20am: awake to my alarm clock. Have I mentioned how much I adore my sleep-loving baby boy? Because I do. He's amazing. I rarely wake up to a crying baby, which is incredible.

7:25am: stumble to my laptop, login to work.

7:29am: stumble to my Keurig and login to my coffee pot. I mean, make myself a pot of coffee. I mean, make myself a cup of coffee. It's early. I'm pre-caffeine right now. Be back in a few minutes.

7:34am: Mmm, peppermint mocha creamer in May... I'm a fan. I made my husband a cup of coffee too, because as much as he says his love language is words of affirmation, acts of service makes him giddy.

7:39am: settle in to work. I'm a Project Manager, so I basically live in my email day in and day out -- which some occasional blogging breaks, of course.

8:48am: Porter is still sleeping. This is not typical, but not uncommon. He's really throwing a kink into my "day in the life" post, though. I'm just responding to work emails, and watching The Today Show. Pretty quiet morning for me.

9:21am: Uh, still sleeping. I've checked on him four times, don't you worry: he's alive. Work, work, work in the meantime.

10:15am: Yay! Finally awake! Good morning, sleepyhead!

10:20am: Fed, changed, and had our daily pep talk. Told him I was going to document our lives all day today, and he wasn't stoked. For how many Instagrams this dude has, he likes his privacy.

10:22am: We compromised: I told him that he could stay in his jammies all day.

10:38am: Porter is now comfy on the couch with Sophie, "watching" cartoons while I (yep, you guessed it) work.

10:31am: MMC is over, so now Porter is going to watch The Food Network with me. Sorry, babe -- it's Anne Burrell, too. I know she's annoying, but it's better than Phineas and Ferb.

12:37pm: Oh, shoot. Forgot about this post. Um, just been playing with Porter and working. Jumped in the shower, sorted some laundry, and now P is back down for his long nap.

12:47pm: Scratch that, no nap. Porter is really angry.

3:45pm: Still working, Porter finally went down for a nap about 2:30pm after I rocked him (I love that boy), so I threw together lunch. Quinoa, dried cranberries, feta, peppered sliced almonds and some white balsamic. And a Pepsi, because TOOMUCHHEALTHY.

Ok, I'm going to end here, because I have a busy schedule for the rest of the night and I forgot to take pictures after about 10:30am, but you get the drift. Porter, hubby, work, work, work, Porter, work, Porter, Porter, Porter, hubby, work, Porter, Porter.

Tonight, Paul has the night off though, so date night it is! We're going to go explore Tacoma and have some adult time. I can't wait. Love spending time with that man!

Thanks for spending my day with me... sorry I'm boring. ;)


  1. 10:15!!!!!!!! If I could bold that I would. That is crazytown. I mean, Dex still has two naps but TEN FIFTEEN!!!

    And those pics of him? I melt.

  2. cute post! cute photos! and hope your "adult" time was super fun/romantic/sexy sexy : )

  3. Funny, my day in the life post totally started with my Keurig, too! I don't know how I functioned before I had that thing. Does Porter LOVE Sophie the Giraffe? My sister says it is the miracle baby toy. Just stopping by from the challenge to say hello! :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Porter LOVES Sophie! It took a few months, but now that he's teething, his face lights up when he sees her. So cute!

  4. you're so lucky that porter sleeps so late! my 17-month-old gets up at 7am like clockwork and only naps for 1.5 hours in the afternoon! he is so so cute, as is your blog. ps - you don't sound boring! haha.


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