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Every Day In May: Day 16

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

I'm going to be brutally honest here: something difficult that I work to overcome is my husband's job. That sounds bad, but let me make it worse: my husband works for our church.

I know, I know. Before you start throwing banana peels at me, let me set the record straight. I love my church. Love it. I love the people I do life with, I love that my husband works there. I wouldn't change i t for the world. I love that he gets to pray with his coworkers, and that his coworkers love and pray for us. Our family. Our baby. I love that the people he works for honor and appreciate him, and that they care about him as a person. He's not just a number. They all are apart of something big, together, and I appreciate that more than I'm frustrated by it -- by far. It's incredible, the support that is built in for our family because Paul works where we goes to church. I love those people, and our House.

On the other hand, though, it can be hard. There's no "clock-out-at-5pm". His work is his ministry, and ministry is a 24/7 job. There are no weekends (weekends are even busier!) and there are only a few vacations. And even on vacation, there are phone calls and emails happening that are important. Unplugging is way harder when your work is the most important work on the planet. :)

So, while I believe it can be difficult for me, personally, I don't believe there's anything to overcome. I get selfish, and it's not ok. (Wait. Maybe that's what I need to overcome!)

When I get sad that I can't pass off the baby to my husband so I can sit in church service undistracted (because he's leading us in worship), I need to remind myself that it's not about me. I mean, really Corianne? What a brat. I can take my baby to class, I can arrange to leave him with a friend or family member.

I have plenty of options.

I can't ever allow myself to get in the way of God's work. What am I doing for the Kingdom? I'm pretty sure a Proverbs 31 woman doesn't get frustrated when her husband is emailing his team members at midnight, or when has to be at another rehearsal on a night we planned to go out to dinner.

It's not about me. I don't ever want to live my life with selfish ambition. So, when I feel the bratty "I want my husband to sit next to me in church just once a month!" come over me... I have to talk to God. Apologize. Tell Him that I know it's never about me, and my intention was never to become a distraction or a deterrent to His work.

I'm so grateful to be apart of building His kingdom; there's no better work in the world.

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