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Every Day In May: Day 19

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Five of my favorite blogs, and why.

I'm going to follow Jessica's lead. Ladies and gents, my blog tribe.

Jessica @ The Jones Family Five: Jessica's blog is one I check the minute I get notification that she's posted. She's hilarious. She's also a real life best friend, so she writes about me sometimes, which I love. And when I'm writing something funny of my own, I often think to myself... "WWJT?" (What Would Jessica Think?). She's the mother to three adorable boys, she's a REALLY BAD Asian, and our husbands are BFFs, too. We've been on multiple vacations together, we go to church together, we start and abandon new blogs together, we're fairly convinced we should star in our own reality show, and we quote Friends like it's going out of style (which it's not... ever). She's the Phoebe to my Rachel (even though she claims she's not Phoebe; she's SO floofy it's not even funny. She's actually Phoebe with Rachel's love for fashion/shopping. I am Rachel without the fashion-y stuff. So. Yeah.)

Jen @ Life Lives Here: Jen is another best friend o'mine, and I love her to bits. She's our Monica: she likes things clean (and crazy organized). I'm not kidding; take her to The Container Store, and she's like Jessica at a candy buffet. Jen writers about things she loves: design, Pantone (I don't even know what this means, but I know she loves it), running, cooking, Andy, expecting her first baby boy, church & me. I mean, her friends. She's literally days away from her due date, and I can't wait to be a mommy with her... things are so much easier when you face them with a best friend at your side. Here's to many sleepless nights, blogging and breastfeeding, side by side. ;)

Maggie @ Emmy In Charge: My sister! Literally! I married Maggie's brother, and I consider myself super blessed to have inherited two awesome sisters in the process... Maggie being one of them. Fun fact for you: we share a birthday (July 6th), which is going to work out nicely for us in a few years, when we can leave the kids at home with the husbands and take off for an extended birthday weekend in Vegas or Phoenix or Hawaii or somewhere equally warm with palm trees. Maggie writes about life as a mommy to my adorable, spunky, firecracker of a niece, Amelia (AKA, Emmy, Mimi, Meems, Mel, Meils). Anyway, whatever name she goes by on any given day, SHE'S IN CHARGE. And I know Maggie wouldn't have it any other way.

Lindsay @ Life By Lindsay: Lindsay is a great friend, an amazing wife and an inspiring mom. She's also a passionate blogger and crafter. Sit down, Martha Stewart. She created the gold balloon Paul and I used for our gender reveal back when I was pregnant with Porter, and I honestly feel like I am partly to thank for her crafting obsession (haha, right Linds!?). That blog was featured on one of our favorite blogs, and ever since then, her crafting world has blown up! She makes beautiful photobooths and throws adorable and perfect birthday parties; she has an almost-two-year old daughter named Zane, who hates hugs but loves life and her Bear.

Savi @ Sweet & Savi: I think, once upon a time, I signed Savi up for Twitter because I was tired of tagging her in my Tweets as #SaviNeedsATwitter. Well, I signed her up for blogging, too, and I'm so glad! Savi is one of my favorite people in the world; she leads worship alongside my husband at our church. She's obsessed with all things Pink and sparkley, she's my fellow country music enthusiast (Lady Antebellum, we expected more from "Golden", just sayin'), and if you want to make her day, just call her Katniss. She has the best singing voice ever (delicate, sweet, and clear as a bell... possibly even angelic.) and I'm so happy she's blogging! She has an infectious smile and an obsession with finding the right mascara now that hers has been discontinued, and I love her to pieces.

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