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Every Day In May: Day 2

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So, today I'm supposed to educate you on something I know a lot about.

I don't know a lot about much, but I know a little bit about a lot of things... so this is really hard for me.

So, instead of telling you why you should always use Pampers Newborn diapers vs Huggies, or how to saddle a horse (yeehaw!), I've decided to educate you on little things that I've learned over the years, that you could probably benefit from.
1. I know that dairy makes my stomach hurt, but I eat it anyway. This probably isn't smart, and I don't suggest that you follow my lead here.
2. I know the difference between there, their and they're. I wish more people did, too. 
3. I know that I'm so much happier when I don't procrastinate. 
4. I know that chocolate is better when you can wash it down with a soda. 
5. Do things that require heavy lifting while pregnant -- because you won't have to do any of the heavy lifting. We went camping when I was seven months pregnant, and I was all "Ohhh, sorry guys. I can't lift anything heavier than this tub of Cheetos." So brill.
6. People will get annoyed with your constant picture taking, but four years later, they will thank you for it. 
7. When I'm around people with accents, I find myself trying to talk in their accent... this is horribly offensive, don't do it. 
8. Summer days don't live up to their full potential if they're not set to a country music soundtrack. I promise. 
9. To be a good blogger, leave yourself notes in your phone. This is probably old news, but I just learned this after I had a baby, so it's brand new to me. I find myself being a much better blogger since I can remember things that I wanted to write about, five days later.
10. The "Check Oil Soon" light on your car doesn't ever change to "CHECK OIL NOW, YOU MORON", so you should probably just drop everything you are doing and get your oil changed when the suggestion comes up. You're welcome, procrastinators. 


  1. haha this is hilarious :) I'm guilty of #10- I have actually ruined my previous car because of it. The husband was not happy. I'm also guilty of #7, I can do a killer indian accent... and that's probably why all my indian friends are annoyed with me

    Great blog, glad I found it! (through the may challenge link)

    Sunny with a side of…

  2. ha ha ha - I loved your point number 3 because procrastination is exactly what I said I am good at in my post!! LOL


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