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Self-Proclaimed: Foodie

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I don't know if I'm an actual foodie, by definition of the word, or if I just enjoy eating, so I was beyond ecstatic to put a title to it. I mean, "foodie" sounds so much better than "glutton" or "bottomless pit". I'm a lady, after all.

Yesterday was the last day of our "mini vacation", and Paul, Porter and I spent the day in Seattle. It was a gorgeous day once the clouds burned off around noon, and I enjoyed being able to show my littlest man, Porter, around the city. He was so Seattle in his trendy Ramones tee, skinny grey jeans, oversized flannel, flatbill, and chucks. You can't really see the full-fledged cuteness of his getup here, but omg cheeks. Who even cares.

And I swear, everywhere we go, this kid gets gawked at. The associates at Nordstrom couldn't stop fawning over him. I feel a little snobby when I rave about how adorable my baby is, but... I mean. Have you seen him? He's a cute kid. God really did smile when he created that boy. ;)

We walked around Pike Place and took pics of all the colorful, locally grown produce. That's almost as good as buying them, and bringing them home to cook up something fresh, healthy and delicious for dinner, right? (I mean, let's be real. I can barely make time to shower lately. Fresh, healthy meals from the market on a Monday? I wish.)

We needed to find some lunch. I'm a big fan of discovering new spots. Paul is too, but his hunger was winning out, and he was fine with stopping at any of our regular favorite places for a bite to eat. I was bound and determined to discover something new.

I remembered that I'd seen a festive summer countdown on "best decks in Seattle"on one of our local television broadcasts. One of the top 5 decks had been a "secret spot" in Pike Place, called Maximilien. I only remembered this thanks to my trusty iPhone notepad -- a blogger's best friend.

Anyway, this spot really was a very well-kept secret. Every iPhone map had no idea where this place was, which only made me more determined to find it.

We walked in circles for 40 minutes. We asked a couple locals, they had no idea what I was talking about. My stubborn streak was blazing, full force. I WOULD FIND THE FOOD AND EAT THE FOOD. We ventured deeper into the market, and asked a guy that was manning an info booth if he had any idea where the infamous and top secret spot was located. He had to know. I mean, you run an info booth!

A beaming smile broke out across his face, but it quickly disappeared as he glanced right and left, feigning secrecy: "Ahh, Maximilien! My favorite place. Right this way."

He motioned for me to follow him, and walked... right around the corner. Literally, fifteen feet away. Under a huge neon sign.

Ok. So maybe it's not so secret. Pretty much the opposite of secret.

It's a romantic little French restaurant with some amazing food and even better waterfront views. I had Steak Frites and Onion Soup (note: they don't call it French Onion Soup at an actual French restaurant) and Paul had a Beef and Brie burger. I made him take pictures of our food, but they're on his phone and I don't feel like waiting for him to send me the pics so I can show you how good the food was. It wouldn't do it justice, anyway. Just trust me. Food was good. Food was pretty.

Porter was int he best mood, putting on a show for tables around us. He wouldn't stop talking and singing and smacking the table with his sweet, pudgy little hands. Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to have such a happy baby? Because I do. Each day that goes by gives us another glance into his new and emerging personality, and I can't get enough.

Anyway, if you're in Seattle, I highly recommend Maximilien. Sit on the deck. Tell them Corianne sent you. They won't know what it means, but it will be funny to see the look on their faces when they stare at you like "ummm, ok?".


  1. Oo I would love to visit Seattle again! This place looks amazing :)

    1. It's wonderful! Of course, I'm biased, but you totally should come back! ;)


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