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A Pumpkin Spice Love Story.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I have been hearing all these rumors circulating, about how to "unlock" pumpkin spice at your local Starbucks by asking for it and then telling the you have the code.

A secret code? I'm in. Usually PSL doesn't make it's debut until a bit later, so the idea of enjoying one before Labor Day Weekend made me giddy. So, on the way to get our nails done, Savannah and I decided to stop at our Starbucks to see if we could hit the festive jackpot. I could already picture the emoticons I would use on Instagram, when I posted my inaugural PSL photo for 2013.

I Googled for like .34 seconds and found the code (it certainly wasn't under lock and key, by any means), and pranced into my local store.

"Hi!" I chirped, already tasting the sweet traces of fall in the air.

"What can I get started for you?" The barista is bored, and totally unsuspecting. I attack.

"Can I get the pumpkin spice latte, please?" Wink, wink. Omg, this is so exciting.

"No, I'm sorry. It's not available yet."

I am not deterred. I smirk. "Oh, hmm. What if I have a code?"

"Oh. Well then yes." Again, she's bored. Not excited at all that I am about to unlock fall for the entire store and/or city of Tacoma. She should be dancing in her imaginary Hunter rain-boots and twirling her pretend knit scarf (which I'm picturing to be a deep shade of ruby red), to compliment her blonde ponytail.

At the sound of her "yes", angels sing. Pumpkin-shaped confetti falls from the ceiling, a life-sized carriage made out of a sparkling golden gourd appears and Cinderella hops out to join me for my first holiday latte of the year.

Ok, not really. But I was giddy.

That is, until Barista has trouble keying the code into the computer. It doesn't seem to be working. She runs back to consults her manager, and returns a moment later. "I'm sorry. I guess the code actually doesn't work until tomorrow."

Now I panic. Wrong. Facebook. Says. You're. Wrong. No computer malfunction is going to keep Savi and I from this deliciousness. If my friend unlocked the PSL in Auburn today, you will unlock the PSL in Tacoma right now, lady.

"It's all over the internet. My friend unlocked the Auburn store today. Could you check again, please? I'll pull up the FB post."

I'm a certified whack-job now. Just order your normal iced espresso and get on with your day, Corianne. You're embarrassing yourself; she said no, it is what it is.

But no. IneedthePSL.

It took a few moments of consulting with an imaginary manager in the back (she was probably actually just prepping for if I jumped over the counter to make it myself), but when she returned -- all systems a-go. I don't know how she fixed the computer in the back, but I digress. I was about to enjoy my PSL, at 6pm on a Tuesday night.

My sister sent me this photo the next day, as proof of my determination. I feel like I wouldn't have been more pleased with myself if I was to win a Nobel Peace Prize:

Wait, how much money comes with a Nobel Peace Prize?

Ok, I might be a little more pleased.


  1. This story just made me smile BIG. I hadn't heard about this secret code! Since I found out that these evil (I mean... delicious) drinks aren't vegan, I've decided that I must hate them. I MUST.

  2. hahahhaha this is AWESOME!!! I remember seeing this pic!! SO FUNNY! Also I love the glitter, confetti Cinderella gourd analogy! haahhaah


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