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Goodbye, Summer

Friday, August 23, 2013

I can't handle the heat anymore. I sweat when I curl my hair. I'm done with tank tops and shorts; I want oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks and to leave my hair down so my neck doesn't get cold.

I'm ready for Hocus Pocus on ABC Family, and cold night meals, like chili and cornbread or a hearty stew. I'm ready for the few weeks out of the year where I'd rather order hot drinks at Starbucks, just because of the coziness of it all. I'm ready to live in leggings and Hunter Boots. That's still ok, right? Because if it's not... well. I'm probably going to do it anyway. I'm ready for fall TV. 4pm sunsets. Rainy nights and the drone of windshield wipers.

I flashed back today to Halloween night of last year; Amelia tore into the house in her Minnie Mouse costume before she headed off to Trick Or Treat at the church. We listened to Christmas, because it's sort of an unspoken rule that thinking about Christmas officially begins on Halloween night. I was just crossing the threshold of getting uncomfortably pregnant, and we were busy trying to get the nursery built before the holidays hit. We went to Safeway on Canyon and bought stuff to make homemade french dips and crockpot hot chocolate.

Those are my favorite nights. I love a good, hot summer... but I'm an autumn girl at heart.

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