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Help! (You can do this from your phone)

Monday, September 9, 2013

My really great friend Rebekah is doing a contest right now to for a dream opportunity of traveling the world for a year, volunteering and blogging about her experiences. I can't think of anyone that deserves this more than her, but we need some help getting the word out. This is a pretty large-scale contest, and our girl is in need of some blogging-community support.

The contest is through Jauntaroo, and is called Best Job Around The World. Bekah's entry is here:

She has a huge heart for people. She's a servant... she never hesitates to dive in and help. She actually spends a lot of time volunteering to bring awareness to human trafficking, both on a local and global level. She is already one of the most well-rounded, cultured women I know. An opportunity like this is made for her... she was created to serve around the world, and it would make me so happy to get our community involved for such a great cause.

I hope you can help us to get some "likes" for her! We need to get her into the top 50 by September 15th. Anyone who reads this, your "like" would be so appreciated! Her video is awesome, and it's only a minute long... no sign up necessary, no additional windows. Just click the link, and then click LIKE.

Oh, and the video is super cute -- and quick... like 60 seconds, people. And you can see a lot of our beloved SEATTLE. Our friend Zach made the video, and he's practically an Instagram celebrity. Ok, maybe not celebrity - I think he hates when we say that - but he is UBER talented. Like, a lot of talent. Check out his feed, too. The video he put together for Bekah is kind of amazing.

Leave a comment below if you were able to help us out! <3 GO TEAM BEKAH!

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