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Thursday Thoughts.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

- Super soft crew neck sweaters. I would love to link to the Harvard University one I'm wearing right now from Target, but it's not online. WHAT? Anyway. It's super comfortable and cozy and makes me crave a hot latte in my hands.

- Thunderstorms. Except not at 5am, when today's rolled into town. If my child is sleeping, and anything other than his God-given inner alarm clock wakes him up, this mama is going loco. So, now that I am happily on my couch and sipping coffee... thunder on.

- Pumpkin Pie syrup. I bought some last night, so I can make my own PSL, at home. In the comfort of my super soft crew neck sweater.

- Matthew Barnett of The Dream Center is going to be on Kathie Lee and Hoda, today! Love that guy, and love that Jesus is gettin' some facetime on the Today Show. He sorta deserves it.

- A bag of S'Mores Candy Corn are sitting on my counter. I'm scared to open them, because I cannot cannot cannot devour the whole bag before 10am.

- This article made me a bit nauseous. Probably because I contribute a fair amount of this ridiculous daily income to the Candy Crush Saga.


  1. I haven't ever paid for Candy Crush! I just adjust the time on my phone and sometimes delete and re-download the app.... oops! :)

    1. I love the phone trick, I do that too. But I totally pay to continue games if I'm *thisclose* to beating it and I run out of moves. Oh, the shame.

  2. Those first ones. Oh I want those. Last night looked like a big storm was coming and then nothing! It must have missed us by barely a mile. I'm ready for fall. SOOOO ready for fall. (You know, in case you weren't convinced that first time...)

  3. We have the s'more candy corn! To die for ;)

  4. OMG. This syrup business sounds alllllllllllll sorts of diabetes, but I need it.

    P.S. has anyone ever told you that you have the GREATEST eyebrows?

    1. Noooo, no diabetes required! Sugar/aspartame free syrup!

      And greatest eyebrows!!!? I LOVE this, thank you so much! Little known fact: my eyebrows are the most low maintenance/abandoned part of me. Haha... I tweeze like, once a month. I was blessed with naturally good brows (wish my waist/arms/legs would have had the same luck! Haha)


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