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A Rave Wave Review | The Goody Wave Creator

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This curling iron is life changing; I am obsessed. Sometimes I stop using it because I go through a sockbun or straight-as-an-arrow phase, and then I forget how perfect it is. Then, on other days, I hurry and curl my whole head with this thing, because I'm short on time and I need some good curls...

...and then I don't have to wash my hair for three days because these curls just look better the longer they exist. And then I sing and skip through my days, gleefully tossing around my perfectly messy second-and-third day curls.

I kid you not. You guys, I don't ever go more than a day without washing my hair -- especially after having a baby. I just can't. I turn into a greasy mess, like, in the 25th hour. I'm not kidding... nothing has ever changed the fact that "second day hair" is not for me.

Enter: the cheapest, easiest tool on the planet.

I feel like I could maybe do my first and only hair tutorial on this... because people don't seem to appreciate how easy and perfect this tool is. Maybe I've discovered a secret in execution or something... but I feel like I need to share it with the world.

It's. Just. That. Good.

Sweater: Charlotte Russe | Lips: Laura Mercier Stickgloss in "Maple"
These curls don't fall out. They don't go limp. They just get more and more perfectly tousled with time. Sadly, the Wave Creator is discontinued through Goody, but you can still buy it online.

You're probably annoyed that I just blogged about something that is probably going to be unavailable very soon, but just in case you come across one for sale or for snagging from a friend's house, I wanted you to know that it's worth the effort. Take it. Your friend probably won't even miss it. But when they ask you about your awesome, beachy waves... don't tell them that it's from the curling iron you jacked from their spare bathroom.


  1. Help! How do you use it? Your hair looks awesome!

    1. Do you have it? It's SO easy! Took some practice... I do a small section, and clip the end of the hair about two inches from the bottom with the curling iron clip (it's super short on this tool). Then, twist the wand away from your face until it wraps up the length of your hair... leave it in for like 5-10 seconds (this thing gets HOT) and then release the clip when you're ready to remove and pull the tool down to take it out of your hair. Hope that makes sense! Another important thing: don't touch the curls until your hair cools... when I'm done, I run my hands through my hair and "pull down" on my curls to relax them a bit! I keep messing with my hair and rubbing my hands over it until it's as "beachy" as I want it to look :)

    2. Definitely not how I was using it! Can't wait to try it! Thanks!


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