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21 Day Fix - Round 1

Monday, April 7, 2014

21 Day Fix was incredible. Paul and I finished up round 1 on March 30th, and I couldn't have been more thrilled with my results. Down 10lbs overall, and minus 16 inches from all around my body!? I'd been losing it in the places I wanted the most - legs, waist, hips, chest - and not just because I was dropping water weight... because once ounce at a time, I was sculpting and changing my body for good.

What I really should have measured was my face. No, seriously. All of a sudden, I have a feminine, defined chin. Where did that come from?

December 2013 vs March 2014
I look like a different person, right?

We decided to take a week off before beginning Round 2. During this week, we ate what we wanted, but we didn't overindulge at all (ok, maybe once or twice). I stayed mindful of my portions, but I stopped downing entire bottles of water in one breath and measuring out teaspoons of olive oil to cook with. It was a nice breather, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice an immediate change in my body and my energy levels. You truly ARE what you eat.

All that to say, Paul and I are so excited to be jumping in to Round 2 today! We went grocery shopping last night, I did some prepping (made/peeled hardboiled eggs for quick protein/snack, cooked an entire bag of quinoa and 2+ lbs of ground turkey for salads/wraps, etc), and I sucked down my last iced white mocha from my favorite coffee shop in record time. I couldn't stomach a cheat-dinner, because I had a cheat-lunch and felt like absolute crap all night.

Paul and I are also using these days of structure to fill ourselves FULL of what God wants to fill us with - His word, prayers together, time with no phones, reading books, talking, growing, and loving as a couple. This 21 Day Fix is way more than a diet for us - it's a complete and total life overhaul. It's a process - a process that is becoming more habitual each week - but it's nice to stay focused and know that this isn't an overnight change. It takes a conscious effort and we're in it to win it.

And now, IT BEGINS AGAIN! If you'd like to join in with us for Round 3 - you have to order your 21 Day Fix now, so you'll get it in time. Visit my site to order (oh yeah, I'm a coach now!), or email me at corianneburton (at) gmail (dot) com. My site is

I'm happy to help you with meal planning, check in with you on your workouts, and answer any/all questions you have. I truly love this program, and I'm happy to take people along on this journey with me.


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