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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What if you had a year to travel, no budget or limitation? We have a fun email string at work each Friday (hence, called Fun Friday) where we ask general questions and read everyone's cool, non-work related answer. For a virtual office, it's nice to get to know everyone a bit more those way

The question this last week was "if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?"

I found myself thinking long and hard about where I'd wand to visit the most, which place I'd want to check off my Bucket List first... and I couldn't just pick one. So, in true Corianne fashion (I'm the world's most indecisive person ever), I changed the rules to fit me so I could not leave any stone unturned. I pretended that I had unlimited funds, and a full year dedicated to bouncing around the globe.

Here's where I would go, for one month at a time:

1. Greece (Blue Caves, Zakynthos Island). I've always loved looking at photos of Greece, and recently found this picture of something called the Blue Caves. STUNNING.
Inline image 1

2. Dubai. Extravagance at it's best. Why not.
Inline image 2

3. Thailand - because Tina, eating pad thai on the beach is literally my idea of heaven.
Inline image 3

4. Tuscany - because I would eat my way through this entire country, and why not start in Tuscany. Lush, sprawling wineries, rolling countryside as far as the eye can see? Yep.
Inline image 4

5. Scotland (Fairy Pools at the Top, Isle of Skye). Because BRAVE. Merida. Just, yes... one of the best Disney movies... truly, Scotland seems perfect.
Inline image 6

6. Maldives. There's an underwater hotel that I would really love to see, but could never stay there. The rest of the island doesn't look too shabby either.
Inline image 12

7. Australia (Whitehaven Beach, Great Barrier Reef). This photo below is Whitehaven Beach. RIGHT??? Seriously swooning over here. I almost couldn't decide on a photo to include from Google Images because they all looked just so erfect.
Inline image 5

8. Paris, in the winter. Nothing is more magical to me than the City of Lights under falling snow. I'm an ambiance girl, and this just does it for me.
Inline image 8

9. Ireland (The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland). SO PRETTY. This feels like an absolute fairytale.
Inline image 7

10. Lake Louise (Alberta, Canada - Fairmont Chateau Hotel). Don't judge me, but I first saw this place on The Bachelorette. *wide eyed, blank-staring emoticon*. I Googled it, and added it to my Bucket List immediately. The color of that water is unreal.
Inline image 9

11. Cottage in Surrey, England - yep, from The Holiday. Quaint and cozy, just like I love it.
Inline image 10

12. Christmas in NYC... because this is the most attainable, and because like I said previously, I'm an ambiance girl. I feel like Christmas in NYC is a must for me.
Inline image 11

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