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Happy Birthday Jessica Jones | 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2009 will always be "the year of Corianne and Paul", but that wouldn't have been possible without one Jessica Jones.

No, seriously. You think I'm just being poignant in that statement, but no... I'm actually being quite literal. 

She had been dropping hints all evening, almost annoyingly so:

"Paul, Corianne - you two just need to get together. It would be way easier on Jen and I, we can't welcome a new girl or a new guy into this circle."

"Corianne - Paul will share his dessert with you! Paul, why don't you feed her a little bite?"

"Paul, Corianne looks scared. Hold her hand."

So, later that night when Paul and I quietly started talking about "what if" we got together, it just felt right to have her pretending to ignore us on the couch beside us.

(Just kidding. It still feels a bit creepy and like something we maybe should have done over a candlelight dinner, but this is us. This is the same girl that, so far, had seen me through some very personal and emotional times in my life: poor fashion, bad haircuts, my snobby attitude, and diet-induced anger, just to name a few. I felt like nothing is ever off limits).

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