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Happy Birthday, Jessica Jones | 3

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friends who diet together... die together.

I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes.

Jess and I have been on our fair share of diets together. We've also started our fair share of blogs about said diets, but that's a whole new post for a whole new day. Seriously, we've done it all. Adtkins, Weight Watchers (stupid celeb endorsements - we believe anything we see in US Weekly), HCG, fasting, juicing, hot yoga. I dealt with her candy withdrawals like a BOSS, and she dealt with my carb-cravings with as much (tough) love as she could muster. In this photo from 2010, we're at our favorite Seattle late-night spot - Taphouse Grill - for a friend's birthday. And the only thing we were allowed to have that late at night? Tea.

Not the pizookie. Not the Caprese pasta. Not the spicy tuna roll I DIE FOR... nope. Just green tea. I don't even think we were allowed any sweetener. Not sure what kind of demon diet this was, but Jess... your cheekbones here are on point (as is my silver eyeshadow). Thanks for being there for me for my dieting fails... and I'm sorry for anything I said to you out of hunger.

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  1. Belated Happy birthday Jessica! You are looking very graceful in this party dress. I want to see some more images of your birthday party. Did you book any event rooms for rent for this amazing party? Add some more details of your birthday party.


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