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An Ode To Coffee

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I am working really hard to re-train myself in the art of coffee.

I am such a "seasonal mocha" kinda girl, at heart. I love the sugary, milky concoctions like s'mores frappacinos and creme brûlée lattes. However. They are so bad for you. I know this isn't, like, "breaking news", but they are. I try so hard to make better decisions in my eating, and that has to include drinks too, right?

My husband is a black Americano drinker, and I love the simplicity of his order. I decided to try just a plain iced coffee a few months back.

Ok, not bad. It's actually kinda sweet? I can do this!

Oh, what's that? They add classic syrup? Awesome. So, I decided to ask them for no sweetener, with a splash of cream.

Did you guys know that NO ONE understands what "a splash" means? Every single time I ordered, my iced coffee came out white. And with no sweetener, it tastes like flat, bitter coffee. 

So, I switched my order this weekend - espresso, three shots over lots of ice in a venti cup (which will naturally water it down), with a couple pumps of white mocha for some flavor/sweetness.

It's a winner. My next goal is to phase out the white mocha altogether.

Does anyone have any further suggestions for my newest concoction? I'm all for recommendations! As a mama of two, I desperately need/want the caffeine, but I don't want it at the expense of my health.


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  2. OMG. So I haven't been on your blog in ages... but I'm in the same coffee boat. I'm an addict to coffeemate creamers (Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie, yes please) and I think 'this has to be better than going to sbux!' FYI, it's not. I did the sugary math. Then I started whole30 (and dropped out after 5 days when an impromptu vegas trip sprouted-first time! Can't be like 'just vegas veggies please') anyway, all that aside to say I really can't drink black coffee, try as I might, and I LOVE coffee. Sure, I could stop drinking it altogether, but... it's not really about the wake up so much as the ritual. Coffee in the morning is just a ritual I want... but... I want to enjoy it, not struggle through a cup of black because it's better, but makes me sad inside from hour 1.

    On that note, you just got hooked on my drink most favorite. I have been drinking 'iced white chocolate americano with no water, extra ice and light cream' for approx 10 years. Though yes, they remind me constantly now to order as an iced triple espresso etc etc. It gets easier to phase out the white chocolate... and honestly, I don't especially mind iced americanos with cream. It sucks when they mess up the creamer content though! Come on y'all. You could also maybe try an iced unsweetened coffee with whip? Then stir the whip into it? Yes, their whip is still sweetened, but... I would think overall it's less sugar content than the white chocolate? I like hot americanos with a little whip that melts in.

    And I'm working hard on drinking my home coffee with just half and half. But I miss my chemical bombs of flavor.

    1. Ooh, iced unsweetened coffee with whip! That's a great idea. I am trying to phase out my Starbucks trips and stick with my Nespresso w/almond/coconut milk + honey or maple syrup (SO GOOD), but it's so hard - ugh! First world problems. PS: I MISS YOU! Remember Journalspace? Lol

    2. I KNOW!!!! Oh the old days!!! I LOVE following along with your life and such on instagram (because I rarely ever facebook... can't stand it anymore!) it's so fun, and your boys are so precious!!!

      Yeah, I'm trying to dial back my sbux as well. Why am I just not one of those girls who can have whatever and feel fine and look great! I have to be all "saddest most boring coffee ever". Am I a killjoy or what! :)

      I need to try maple syrup!! I tried canned full fat coconut milk, but it seemed to leave me feeling kind of sketchy... my coach from ironman swears by that+espresso but, I just couldn't get around to it.


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