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I'm So Basic.

Monday, September 21, 2015

I have what one may call an obsessive personality; everything is my favorite. Here is a short-but-running list of some of those things that I've been obsessing over, lately. Most of these things are what "the internets" are calling "basic", as in "basic white girl", but I'm 30 freaking years old. I liked these things before the cute little beauty bloggers decided it was cool.

Let's start with s'mores. Before they bombed your Instagram feed, I was obsessed. Mainly because of toasted mashmallow. I will get, buy, smell, taste ALL THE THINGS that are toasted marshmallow flavored/scented. But the idea of s'mores just makes me happy. It's so summer, and SO early fall. Which - forget you, Caitlyn Jenner - THAT is my favorite transition in the world.

And on that same note: cotton candy flavored anything - but not actual cotton candy. That just feels like I'm eating hair, and who likes to eat hair?

Hair. I was dying to cut it. Now that I did, I hate how stupid it looks when I pull it back into a ponytail (like a stub sticking off the back of my head), so now I'm dying to grow it out. I'm also looking for a new color/style of color... so, yeah, obsessed would cover it.

Family Feud. Specifically, the ones with Steve Harvey hosting. It's on Game Show Network all the time, and we can't get enough.

All of the lights. I will string twinkling lights on my toilet and love it. 

Speaking of lights: I love highlighter. Not like the pens, like the makeup. I think it's called strobing? Or whatever those fancy YouTubers call it these days. Anyway, my favorite highlighter is Jaclyn Hill's collab with BECCA Cosmetics - Champagne Pop. Yasssssss, gimme all the strobing. I look like a beaming ray of sunlight and I love it so much.

Hot sauce. On everything.

Socality Barbie. Just... yes.

Grapefruit La Croix. I finally said goodbye to soda, and my body thanks me.

Vans. I never understood the power of a plain white pair of Vans, but I do now and I can't get enough.

Planners. I'll never use one, but I want to be that girl SO BAD. So I buy them and fill them out once as far out as I can, and then never open them again. Same with journals. I'm really trying with journals, though.

What are some of your favorite things as of late?


  1. I am the same way with my hair. I always want what I don't have.

  2. Girl, we are one in the same! I'm the most basic. obsessed with everything.

    ..I cut my hair off too... stupid "Lob" (dumb word) and now I just want it to grow.
    ..Obsessed with Sbucks triple espresso over ice with 2 pumps toffee nut- dying to try the new toasted graham syrup.
    ..obsessed with Amazon Prime and don't understand how I lived all these years without it... the highlight of my day is seeing a package on my doorstep and wondering "ooh! what did I order!?" haha.
    ..obsessed with my morning hikes lately.
    ..I've been making these acai bowls for lunch lately and they're just so good.. sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I'm eating it on a sandy beach in Brazil.... only to be interrupted 5 seconds later by one of my kids..
    ..Cashew cream!! I'm horrible and drink coffee all day but whatever! I make a small batch of cashew milk/cream every few days and splash it over my coffee and it's SO good!!

    ...I really commented because I wanted to tell you my FAVORITE hot sauce EVER! Sontava.. I get it at Cost Plus World Market and it just has the best flavor! Limited ingredients, not really vinegary, and spicy without making your tongue go numb. Must try!

    Anyway, glad I just figured out you have a blog, you're hilarious! Can't wait to email my weekly round up later :)

  3. WAIT. WHAT? Toasted GRAHAM?

    Also, I am giddy - gonna go find some of this hot sauce! I love World Market!


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