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Monday, September 28, 2015

I know it's old news, but I'm on a Pinterest kick right now. Every once in a while, I go remember why Pinterest is so amazing.

An award-winning grilled cheese with 18 different kinds of cheese? OF COURSE.
A snowy merry-go-round in Paris? Don't even know exactly where it is, but IT JUST GOT ADDED TO MY BUCKET LIST.
Ways to clean my bathroom with just water and fairy dust? Yep.

Other times, my Grinchy heart deflates ten sizes, I delete the app, and move on with my life. So, before that time comes again, allow me to share with you a few of my favorite recent [fall inspired] pins. I also get a weird rush off reorganizing and renaming my boards, so I'm sorry if you visit often and get lost. Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't in "Let's Do Lunch" anymore. They are in a new [favorite] board called "Grilled Cheese, Please"... Because ain't nobody got time to hunt through my lunch board for a melty, cheesy, crispy, sweet-n-savory grilled cheese masterpiece.
  1. My S'mores Board, appropriately named "Gimme S'More". Just... enjoy.
  2. My Mantra
  3. My Uniform (can we also talk about Cara Loren? Ugh. She's perfection.)
  4. Tacos, because if you're going to call them "the best homemade tacos ever", they better be just that.
  5. My Happiness Board - because all of these things make my heart dance!
Let's talk about Pinterest! What do you love/hate/loathe/spend all the days pinning?

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