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Weekly Roundup: All The Fall

Friday, September 25, 2015

Here we go! Our first Weekly Roundup, and it's all about FALL. Basics, unite!

Monica: Fall favorites? Everything! Running through the leaves (like, actual running on fallen leaves on the sidewalk). It reminds me of my old cross country days! I also love the fact that I can now wear scarves, burn candles, have a salted caramel mocha (I'm the one anti-PSL white girl), wear sweaters, Crockpot cooking, boots, slightly less-sweaty workouts, wearing leggings for legitimate reasons... basic girl-ing so hard right now.
Kjerstine, of Loftus Lane:
Behind our home is a walking path, and I've grown to love taking photos of myself and my son there -  especially because of the gorgeous trees and how they change with each season. The vibrant warm hues during the fall are the most romantic to me. Speaking of which, I should probably get out there soon for a quick photo shoot before the leaves disappear! Cheers to fall and all its glory!

Lisa: I am so excited that fall is FINALLY here. Fall is my favorite time of year because it means cooler weather, warm drinks, cozy knit scarves & vibrant fall colored trees! Since moving to Virginia, our favorite place to go in the fall is Colonial Williamsburg. The trees and overall history draws us in & not to mention it is beautiful! Here is a link of last years post when we drove up to Williamsburg for the day!

Colleen: I love all things fall. Food, clothes, makeup, candles, temperatures. But if I had to choose one true favorite, it would be Leavenworth, WA. It represents all things I love about the season. When you drive into town, the foliage takes your breath away. It literally looks like a patchwork quilt of reds, oranges, yellows and greens! Then, upon arrival into town, you have amazing beer, authentic German food and great music! It's so cozy! Make sure to head just out of town about 5 minutes to Peshastin to do a wine tasting at Icicle Ridge Winery, which overlooks the river and the valley. They decorate it SO CUTE for Fall.

Courtney (@wonderfully_wolf on IG): When it comes to fall, I have MANY favorites. The first is - of course - college football! As a former collegiate cheerleader and wife of a former college quarterback (Go Campbell Camels!), football quickly became the staple of my favorite season. There is simply nothing better than cheering on your favorite team on a Saturday Game Day in the south. :) A more recent fall favorite of mine is the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. Living in Florida, the weather hasn’t quite gotten the memo that it’s fall yet... so this version of the beloved PSL is essential to get in the spirit.
Aly: As cliche as it might sound, I love ALL things fall related. I love that I can bundle up and drink hot tea without sweating beads. I love making my home feel cozy with the aroma of cinnamon baked goods and pots of homemade soup. Everything about fall screams home and comfort... and that is what I love about this season!
Julie: While I'm not a crazed PSL fan, I still LOVE the idea of Fall. I say idea because it's still 100 degrees here in Southern CaliforniaOne of my favorite fall traditions is collecting leaves with my son to make a festive fall wreath! I cut the wreath from cardboard and he gets to glue to his heart's desire. It's a fun, cheap, and easy project we look forward to doing every Fall!

Shaun: The anticipation of fall for me is up there with Christmas and my birthday. The crisp air, the freshly fallen leaves. It's amazing. I live in New Hampshire where we are known for Fall. The colors of the trees, apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches... did I mention our amazing foliage? I'm ready to bust open the comfy leggings, the boots, and cardigans. I'm ready for drives up North to immerse myself in colors my mind dreams of. And a hot apple cider along the way certainly doesn't hurt ;) (BLOG:

Thanks, ladies, for participating in my first Roundup! Loved your responses; you just made me even more excited for this beautiful season. To close out, I'm just gonna leave this here. This is my new favorite fall anything: Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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