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The One With Coconut Oil For All The Things

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I'm a huge fan of coconut oil, and I have gotten many friends and family members hooked on it as well for various parts of their daily routines. I mean, how many products can you moisturize with, cook with, and brush your teeth with - all out of the same tub?

I'll tell you. None. Well, none aside from coconut oil.

I have three case studies I'd like to quickly review for you. When you're done, feel free to run out to Costco and buy the giant tub. You'll never regret it.

The exact one I use 

#1 - The One Where Waterproof Mascara Actually Worked
I accidentally bought waterproof mascara one time (I usually HATE waterproof makeup) and I literally couldn't get it off my eyes to SAVE MY LIFE. I started to have a little panic attack. Eye makeup remover, hot water/wash cloths, soap, prayer... Nothing was working. I didn't even have any smudgy raccoon eyes from almost getting it off. Nope. It was STAYING PUT. I mean, on the bright side... it works. But on the flip side... I want to go to bed, and if I sleep in makeup, I wake up with swollen, itchy eyes that don't go away for hours.

I had one more option: coconut oil. I scraped a small amount from the side of my nearly empty jar, rubbed my hands together, and gently massaged my eyes. When I looked in my mirror, I was so excited: racoon eyes FOR DAYS. The black practically slid off my face. All I did was wipe it off with a hot wash cloth after that. I've been using nothing but coconut oil to remove my makeup since that fateful night.

The One With The Glowy Skin
People compliment me on my skin a lot on social media.

I confess: I am very quick to use the filters in PicTapGo to edit my pics, or redo shots 100x for better lighting, or even do a little smoothing of my under eye circles in other apps (YOU have two kids and then tell me you don't want to hide those things a bit for your memory books). So, I always feel guilty accepting compliments about my skin. Like... I'm such a cheater.

But, I felt this way UNTIL a friend of mine IN REAL LIFE told me that she thinks my skin looks just as good in person as it does in my pics, as she was sitting across from me at a local restaurant after our manicure date. Like, in real life. No phone in sight. Ok. I can accept that.

I was like "Yeah. It's gotta be the coconut oil."

The One Where Lavender Oil IS NOT SOOTHING

I love lavender oil, and to make a long story short and slightly less embarassing, I accidentally got some in my eyes. LAVENDER OIL IS NOT SOOTHING IF YOU GET IT IN YOUR EYES. I thought I was going blind. I remembered that coconut oil will immediately get rid of the sting/burn (which is why it's recommended as a carrier oil), and it does. It's instantaneous, and it floored me! I wish I could say I've only done this once, but I've done it a few times... so, yeah, I know this for sure.

Let me know if you use coconut oil for something totally random that I should be using it for, too!

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