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Weekly Roundup: Guilty Pleasures

Friday, October 2, 2015

As a mom/wife/female... What is your guilty pleasure?
Do you zone out with Dr. Phil every day at 2pm during nap time?
Do you hide candy bars in the freezer?
Do you say you are going to take a shower, but sit on the bathroom floor scrolling Instagram - uninterrupted - for a good 20 minutes?
(I don't do any of these things. Err... Examples from a friend)

Here are this week's responses from some lovely ladies! I hope you enjoy and maybe get a little inspired to INDULGE yourself this weekend/next week - it sounds like a lot of us have the SAME guilty pleasure - food we don't have to share, and TV that isn't animated. This cracked me up!
If you'd like to participate next week, let me know! It's a fun question, promise. :)
Allison: Every day, once my babies are down for their naps, I pour myself a small glass of chocolate milk (like the sophisticated 25 year old that I am) break a couple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies into the bottom of the cup and enjoy it while watching an episode of 'Friends'. There's just something so nice and necessary about being a couch potato for a few minutes amongst my day of toddler chasing and baby wrangling (plus the chance to watch something other than 'Dinosaur Train' and to not share my cookies!)

Ann: As a busy stay-at-home momma of three, it's pretty hard to have any alone time. As far as a guilty pleasure: I would say mine would be getting up a bit early just to enjoys those extra 15-30 minutes, which in my opinion, every momma needs to herself. I try to have a hot cup of coffee and start my day off on a positive note, which helps myself and my littles. My other guilty pleasure is BRAVO TV. Believe it or not, I enjoy my Housewives. I believe some of the drama is staged, and some of it I find pretty comical. Those women definitely give me a reality check on how blessed I am to have my family and a simple life.

Blanca: My guilty pleasure is saying I am not feeling well and want to rest quietly in my bedroom. Once I make my way down the hallway, I am feeling a sense of victory. I lay in bed checking all forms of social media. Once I'm ready, I will come out and pretend I feel better! Haha!
Misha: As a mom/wife/female aged THIRTY EIGHT (gosh, I'm old) I feel like I have more than one guilty pleasure. Is that bad? So, being a parent now for 7 years I've not only realized that we need these guilty pleasures - I've also come to stop feeling guilty about needing them. I really need to get out with the girls 1-2 times a month and have an amazing dinner, and a few glasses of wine. On the daily, I have gravitated towards exercise. There are these really great trails close by my house that make you feel like you're not in the city. I take 45-60 minutes and just run. If I have to go with the kids I take them. It chills them out, too. There is just something about fresh air and exercise endorphins that fix you right up. And Cheez-its. There's always Cheez-its.

Devon: My guilty pleasure as a mother is as soon as Chloe is down for a nap, I turn on Grey's Anatomy and grab some junk food. It's one of my only times I get to watch a TV show that doesn't involve talking dogs, and when I can chow down on chips without a toddler begging me for some. (Devon's IG is: @dbdevonbrownnn)

Brenae: When Silas goes down for a nap, I make myself a chai latte, sit on the couch and watch a show (usually Gilmore Girls or FRIENDS - something I've seen a million times) before laundry and dishes call my name. I'm usually sketching or drawing while I watch, but those 30-45 minutes of being still and relaxing just help make the chaos of the day so much more manageable. Every mama needs some "me-time"!
Rachel: My guilty pleasure? My husband will shake his head at my craziness for sharing this, but I LOVE my fuzzy pink bathrobe. Josh HATES my fuzzy pink bathrobe. It's not really the bathrobe, but what I do while in it. When I slip myself into this robe, I never come out. Seriously. Normally you use a bathrobe after a shower, right? WRONG. I get out of bed, slip it on, drink my coffee, read the bible, do work, clean, blog, Instagram, etc. And what do you know, it's 1 pm and I'm still un-showered and in my fuzzy pink robe! I love it. But husband (jokingly, yet somewhat seriously) hates it. Oh well. It's a guilty PLEASURE for a reason!

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