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Our Target Tradition

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturdays are my favorite. We have a pretty "official" Saturday schedule going: wake up, Happy Donuts, Starbucks for mom (who is avoiding processed sugar and gets super grumpy after about 20 minutes at the donut shop), "The Target"/mall, sometimes lunch, and then home so Paul can head to church.

We always mindlessly wander Target, throwing things into our cart that we don't really need, browsing the toys with Porter, looking at the new clothes for both the boys, trying to find a good place or reason to buy a faux fur stool in the home decor section, stocking up on La Croix and coconut milk nog and peppermint white chocolate kettle corn... you know, the usual. We check out, I save 5% on my Red card, Paul panics about how much money we just spent on non-necessities, Porter gets a sticker, and then we're on our merry way.

This post sounds like an ad, but it's not. I just genuinely love it that much. What is it about Target that is just so... happy? Do they have subliminal messaging in their advertising? Is it because it literally has everything you need in one place and people always look much more sane than the local Walmart? I even love the Target brand, Archer Farms. I mean, I'm being serious: it's just ALL GOOD. Even the little things.

I mean, just today another mom and I, who was toting around a baby maybe a couple weeks old, laughed and joked around together as we searched through personalized ornaments for our kids' initials. So, ya know, it's really also about community.

I need to start documenting our weekend Target trips in pictures, so I can look back through them someday - when Porter is too busy on a Saturday morning to accompany us on our Target dates (sobs). Some of my favorite weekend memories are in our local Target, and it makes me oddly happy when Porter exclaims "THE TARGET!" as we drive up. Until he starts backseat driving and telling us to park the car, like that's not the one thing we're focused on at that very moment.

What are some of your favorite weekend traditions?


  1. We LOVE Target!! I walk through the door and a sense of calm and peace runs over me. Ha ha. I can grab my groceries and goo goo at baby clothes, maybe try on a pair of shoes. It just is a great reset after the sometimes crazy mommy life.

    1. LOL! That Target peace! I know what you mean ;)

  2. Peppermint white chocolate kettle corn?!?!?!?!


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