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Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts At Nordstrom For Under $200

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey, guys! Yeah, you. You're here because you're trying to find a gift for that lady in your life, and you've resorted to clicking on blog posts someone tagged you in on social media.

It's cool. Your secret is safe with me.

If you're looking for a few more things to put under the tree for the woman in your life, you can just start here and thank me later. Click the links directly below the pics, or at the bottom of this post, for more information and to order directly from the store, or just to get more information so you can run down to your local Nordstrom and pick it up yourself. All of these gift ideas are under $200.

These are products I love, products my friends love, products that bloggers I know love... they are tried and true, thoughtful gifts that I'M telling you to buy so she (your girl!) won't have to.

Now, of course, I don't claim that ALL of these products will be welcomed with open arms - after all, you know her way better than I do and some girls may be super annoyed with a $100 hat.

So, maybe just start here and see if I can at least provoke a little gift-giving inspiration! :)


  1. LOVING all of this! Those nikes, that necklace! I want it all! This is such a great list!!


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