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January: All About Skincare

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I have been obsessed with my skincare lately. It started when I got a stye in my eye, which I was overly stressing about (and ironically, stress can be one of the causes, right? COOL) and then I had some sort of weird reaction to... something. I tried a lot of crap to get rid of my stye, and something caused my skin to FREAK OUT. I'm not really sure what. But, my face was red and peeling, my tone was uneven, and I just looked rough.

I decided to really focus on my complexion. I love makeup, but no matter how great the makeup is, it won't look good going on crappy skin. So, I got to reading. I got to testing. I got to getting rid of my dark circles, come hell or high water.

Ooh, water.

Here are some of the things that I KNOW have worked for me so far, and I will keep using to see if I notice long-term impact:

1. Coconut Oil
I love to wash my face with coconut oil. I get it from the grocery store, but I always look for organic, plus important words like raw, and unrefined. Do some research... they aren't all created equal. The one I linked is "so pure you can eat it". How is that a bad deal? If it's truly good for you, you should be able to do whatever you want with it, right? To use it, I scrape a little from the jar, and rub my hands together to warm it up/melt it. Then I massage it into my face softly, and rinse off with a hot washcloth. I don't rub the oil off, either... just press the hot washcloth into your skin and softly remove. Add more hot water, and press into your skin to remove. It takes off the excess, but still leaves a really light film there for added moisture.

2. Toner
I've used two in recent weeks: The L'Oreal Hydrafresh, and this new and much preferred one, here. The second one, by Avalon Organics, is a much better choice - full of vitamin c, aloe, cucumber and papaya... and is free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

3. Other oils
Right now, I'm using Frankincense oil - just a drop or two into a small amount of coconut oil, and 100% pure argan oil. I got mine at my local grocer. I have only used this a few times, but I love that it absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave me feeling greasy. I have heard AMAZING things about cacay oil, so I'm doing my own research and will probably try this next. If I had an extra $100 laying around right now and I didn't think my husband would serve me with divorce papers, I would splurge on this Bamford Restore Elixir. This elixir has rosehip oil, which I've also used in the past and will probably buy some of that again here soon. Basically, I am in love with oils and elixirs and I want to put it all on my face.

4. Wash your face morning - AND NIGHT
I know, I know. Sometimes it's just not feasible. But I've seen a noticeable change in my skin - without using any of the above products religiously - when I wash morning and night. Think about it. You're laying on a (probably somewhat dirty) pillow all night. Oils, room dust, drool... it can't be good for that complexion, girlfriend.

I don't even need to provide any supplemental information here. WATER WILL HELP YOUR SKIN IF YOU DRINK ENOUGH OF IT.

I also love the Yes To Cucumers and Yes To Blueberries lines (I use the blueberry moisturizer), but I just found this - and I'm sold. Going to add this to the list and get it in my bathroom immediately.

What are some beauty routines or products you swear by? I'm in the market for a great eye cream, so if you have any suggestions, I'l take 'em!


  1. LOVE coconut oil. I am obsessed with this Boots Organics Toner Spray. It is amazing and I am already on my second bottle. I also really really love the Full of Grace serum from Lush. It was a game changer for me. It was odd at first being a serum in bar form, but I really love it and have seen a huge difference. Also totally agree with the water!

    1. Ooh, I have been using the Boots Youth Care, but I will have to try the toner spray! And I LOVE LUSH... adding that to my list, too!

  2. I'm obsessed with skincare too!! My favourite eye cream is one by origins called vita-zing. It's in an Orange pot and has actual caffeine in it to de puff and fade dark circles. For more of an anti aging cream I just recently got one from Kate Somerville (my all time fave skincare line) called age-arrest and it's a dream and lasts forever!!!

  3. Oops!! I lied. The origins cream is GinZing!

  4. I've had some reactions to face lotions before and now use more natural products as well. I used coconut oil for a while but found it to be a little too greasy for my skin type. I make my own face lotion now (with a recipe I found on a blog) that's made from aloe vera, beeswax, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. It's super hydrating! I don't put essential oils in mine but you can if you want a scent and aren't worried about it irritating your skin. If you ever want to check out the recipe, it's here-

  5. Nice skin care information you have shared here.


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