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Junk Drawer

Once upon a time, I created a Facebook group, which then refined itself into a secret group for women-only, which then blew up into a massive community of women from around the world supporting, loving, and encouraging each other through all stages of life.
We have it all: moms, high school grads, college girls, newlyweds, career women, entrepreneurs, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, kidless couples, dating couples, single ladies... you name it.

We have a few strict rules, which is why it's been such a beautiful group: be a nice human. You have to be kind. Kindness, if held in the highest regard, seeps into everything else, and gives us a direction to go and a mutual understanding of expectations.

There is absolutely NO bullying, no shaming, no cussing, no nudity or sexual content (unless it's a valid question or concern), and no advertising by members on the wall (we do have sales albums and stuff so we can support each other)!

You might roll your eyes at the rules (I mean, we're all adults, right?), but the testimony of some of the members has really solidified that this is how it's supposed to be. In a world where opinions are like Starbucks in the hand of a Seattle-native, and everyone hides behind computer screens in an attempt to mindlessly push their agenda or make themselves feel a tad more important, the order of these rules has created an incredible beautiful, uplifting community... with zero drama. Ya. Zero drama.

We've raised money for hurting women and families. We've cried together. We've celebrated little wins. We've shared recipes. We've met for play dates and coffee dates and happy hours. We've exchanged letters with group pen pals. We've gotten unbiased advice. We've disagreed and gained each other's respect. We've shared shopping lists, and birthday decor, and gotten to know each other via Live videos and interviews. I had packages show up at my door, and meals prepped for the entire week, when my family and I experienced a miscarriage in November. It's pretty incredible, really. The ladies are the real deal.

If you think this sounds like a good fit for you, fill out this short Google form (seriously, it's 2 questions!) to be added to the Junk Drawer. :) When you're added, you must check out the pinned post for the full set of rules/regulations before posting/commenting.

Comment with questions if you have them - I love to talk about the Junk Drawer!

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  1. Hey Girl, is there a way for us to "follow" your blog? The marketer in me wants a big huge, "FOLLOW ME NOW" button, lol!

    1. Haha yep! There is a follow-by-email option on the homepage :)

    2. Well, actually, in the right sidebar of every page! ;)


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